Sinéad - No Excuses

This song is about a situation, could be from childhood, bad upbringing or a broken friendship or relationship, lies and deceit from a partner, fired, parent, being used. All of these sad emotions we feel when we're completely abused and everything has been a lie. It's also about how you want to make that person see their badness and wrong doing and help them but you don't know how and you know they can't change so you stick it out but it's come to the end and it's all been fake. So you can't take excuses anymore for their behaviour and what they've put you through and done to you, you have to move on and leave this negativity behind. It's rooted from my mother's childhood, her and her sisters and brother were left my their mother and father in their home in London and my mum was just a baby. It was all over the newspapers, the place was surrounded by police and social workers. Her parents never came back and they were put in a convent which was not a nice place and they were mistreated. This song/story is also for my mum, to tell some of that story and to use as an outlet, let let the hurt from her heart out about what happened and what her mum did. It's a goodbye to the past and to say whatever you try and say to make it better, saying sorry, nothing will make them forget or forgive their parents for what they did and 'No Excuses' can mend the cracks or change the past. I play piano for this and on my album I record it on a real piano and with live strings, all written myself and all music and lyrics written myself. I'd also like to do a professional music video for this song. I feel this song has massive potential to be in a tv show or film, a theme song for a tv show or film and become a hit song as it's a very powerful, catchy song for me and i feel people could relate to it.